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Las Vegas
Mi amiga Cris viajó hace poco a Las Vegas. La gusta mucho viajar, de hecho no es la primera vez que pasa por allí, y cuando me lo dijo le pedí que a la vuelta escribiera un breve artículo sobre Las Vegas para publicarlo aquí.

Cris me dijo que así lo haría y ha cumplido con su palabra.

Lo ha escrito en Inglés, se sentía más cómoda de esa manera, quizá en un futuro lo publique traducido, ahí va el artículo:


Since the moment you land in Las Vegas Mc Carran Airport you start to feel a special atmosphere. You can not escape from the gambling temptation. The slot machines are everywhere. While you are getting your luggage you start to listen to the sound of the coins and all the lights catch your attention right away.

This is my second time in Las Vegas and some things have changed but the essence of the city remains the same. The majestic hotels stand in The Strip waiting for the tourists to “wrap them up” with their diverse leisure offer. In Vegas everything is vice and luxury. You don´t come to Las Vegas to just take a look…
When you come to this city, well known because it is the only place in USA where you can drink and smoke everywhere, you are willing to spend your money and have fun.

Shows, casinos, luxurious stores, restaurants, pubs…..everything is an invitation to enjoy and relax. You get so involved in the atmosphere you are not conscious of how much money you are spending…. The Americans have created the concept of marketing and believe me when I say they know how to make people spend and spend without noticing.

The decoration of the hotels is something remarkable. You can take a stroll around the world in Las Vegas. Each hotel reproduces a small piece of the world: from New York, to The Venetian, passing by Caesars Palace, Paris, Luxor….
You just have to come to Las Vegas to go around the world without leaving The Strip.

People from all around the world visit Las Vegas with the intention of living a different experience. Las Vegas, which has almost 3.000.000 inhabitants, is a melting pot of people from everywhere.

Looking for a good time in Vegas? Don´t miss a show. You will have the chance to enjoy: Cirque du Soleil, Celin Dion, Blue Man Group, Le Rêve, Copperfield Show…..

I only have one recommendation: Do not come to Las Vegas without money or if you are a jinx. Las Vegas is a place to visit with friends and the wallet full of money.
Depending on your luck you will return with an empty wallet and a miserable look or full of BUCKS and a intention to come back!

Good luck!

Fotos del viaje de Cris a Las Vegas

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